Monday, July 18, 2011

s(MAC)king my forehead

 (M)y once (A)wesome (C)omputer (cough cough Macbook cough cough) is gone for the next few weeks. After attempting to install an update, an "error" occurred and I haven't been able to use it since. I called Mac first, but was outraged when they demanded $50 dollars for phone tech-support. $50! For a product which should be under warrantee! So I took it to Best Buy. The Geek Squad did all they could, but in the end I left with a broken heart and an external hard-drive. So now my Mac is away to be fixed and when it comes back, it will have an all new hard-drive.

 In other news, three days before this happened, I opened my Etsy shop. HeatherDoodle Designs has one item listed. I haven't been able to list anything else.

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