Thursday, August 16, 2012

 This blog was never intended as a business blog. It was supposed to be ablaut all things domestic and related to homemaking and raising little ones. Somehow, somewhere, I got derailed and the vast majority of my posts have been focused on my crocheted stuff.

 If my blog was to ever have a place in blog-history, it's for my LalaLoopsy inspired hat. Particularly the first one I ever made. It's pretty ugly compared to the other hats I've made since; the hair is too heavy, the eyes too far apart, and yet such a large percentage of my page views have been for that post. Go figure.

 Anyhow, I digress, running the risk of yet another post being about HeatherDoodle Designs.

 We started Kindergarten yesterday. Our first official school year! My hopes and goals for this blog are that it becomes a place to not only document this first year through words and pictures, but also to share ideas with others.

 On that note, we're off to the craft store or Wal-Mart to buy planters, soil and seeds, as Emily has asked that we grow a real "Kinder garden." Hard to say no to that!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Horse Hat

Emily LOVES horses, so I'm surprised it's taken me this long to make a horse hat. I was going to leave it as just a hat with ears and hair, but when Emmy saw it, she asked me "Mommy, where's his face?" That settled it, and now the horse has a face.