Friday, June 22, 2012

Still here!

Hello, all! I'm still here, I'm just behind on blogs and emails! I had surgery the other day, so I've been kind of out of commission. I have lots of pics to post and emails to send in the next few days.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Homemade Sloppy Joes

While leafing through a Williams Sonoma catalogue this weekend, I discovered "Sloppy Joe starter." For $13.95 a jar. Really?? For years, I've been making sloppy joes from scratch, and can make twice the food for half that price! And personally, I think it tastes better than anything out of a can or a jar. (Thanks, Ma!)

For starters, we don't start with "starter," we start with ground beef! (or ground turkey!) At least a pound, but use as much as you need, there are no specifics in this recipe. Brown it and drain as needed. Sprinkle in some garlic salt, pepper several dashes of Worcestershire sauce, and just a tiny tiny bit of cumin. Stir it all up very well, then add A LOT of ketchup. For one pound, I'd say at least a cup. But, eyeball it. It should look like the sloppy joe in the picture.

Homemade sloppy joes are delicious with homemade French fries, as seen in the other pic below. They're so simple! Add three inches of vegetable oil to a large frying pan and place over medium-high heat. Now slice your potatoes length-wise, then into French fry shapes. Add to the oil in small batches and sprinkle with garlic salt and pepper. Cook until golden brown, gently flipping with a spatula occasionally. When they're done, transfer them to a large plate covered with paper towels and add salt to taste.


We made slime today! On purpose! (Lol!) I found this recipe through Pinterest, pinned from

She explains that the less Borax mixture you use, the runnier the slime. We had a great time experimenting with that!

Sorry about the photo quality - these are from my phone!