Friday, March 11, 2011

Early Spring Crafts

My first attempts at hair pieces! Simple, but I'm just getting started.

Pinwheels! They're super easy to make. I just took some sturdy scrapbook paper, some hot glue, a 3D flower sticker, a thumbtack, scotch tape and a wooden dowel and went at it!

 Step 1) Cut a 12"x12" piece of paper into quarters.
Step 2) Cut 3" lines for each corner toward the center.
Step 3)Use a small square of clear tape to reinforce where you will put the thumbtack.
Step 4) Push Thumbtack through the paper. Push (or hammer) the thumbtack into the dowel, but not all the way it. You need this pinwheel to spin, after all.
Step 5) Take the thumbtack out. Counter-productive, I know. Just do it. Now put a tiny dollop of hot glue on the point, and put the tack back into the dowel.
Step 6) Starting at the top, fold left point toward middle and dot with glue (Do NOT glue to the center of the paper!) Once you have all the points stuck together, you should have a pinwheel!

I found wooden shamrocks at A.C. Moore and couldn't resist. I just painted them, glued them to dowels, then sprayed them with gold spray glitter, for a cheery golden sheen.

New blankie! I used the popcorn stitch for the border.

Close-up of the border.

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